In LiveWords the content for translation is divided in Items which all go through a pre-defined workflow. By default, this workflow is arranged as follows:

  • Untranslated - this part of the workflow contains all content which is ready for translation. The translator (user title: Account Member) works in this part of the workflow. All items from this account marked for translation can be initially found here.

  • Review - in Review you can find all items for the account you are in which have been fully translated and saved for review. The reviewer has the same account settings as a translator (Account Member). After the translation round the translations can be reviewed per item and the reviewer decides whether or not to reject or publish the translations.

  • Published - all items which have been translated and reviewed can be found in published. It depends on the settings of the customer whether the published items appear on their website immediately.
    You can see green dot if item was already send to customer, red dot if there was an error and nothing if item wasn't tried to send back yet.

    • This might take up to 20 minutes - depending on traffic and amount of items being pushed.
      For example, and depending on the location of the server, when sending 1000 items to 10 languages, this could take 25 minutes.

The Account Owner might decide to change the workflow according to their wishes. You will find this workflow under To Do, in the left side menu.

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